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Denver Chiropractor

Denver Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Brandon P. Baldwin & Dr. Arian A. Lecuona

Welcome to Our Office!

Founded in the Stapleton Area by Denver Chiropractor Dr. Brandon Baldwin in 2012.

Our Denver Chiropractic Clinic specializes in treatment and recovery from common bumps and bruises, as well as rehabilitating more traumatic ailments caused by accidents or sports injuries. We know that pain can take over a person’s life.

Choosing a non-invasive form of soft tissue healing, while avoiding the dangers of surgical procedures and prescription medicine is an excellent start towards a life with less pain.

Contact us today and let our friendly team of dedicated practitioners get you back on your feet again!

Reach us online or call 303-647-9196    

We Look Forward to Caring for You.

Techniques and Treatment

If it’s not broken or bleeding, we can treat it!

We provide treatments for ankle injuries, auto injuries, back pain, hip pain/ injuries, knee pain/ injuries, low back pain/injuries, neck pain/injuries, shoulder pain/injuries, soft tissue injuries, strains/ sprains, wrist pain/injuries and more.

Certified in 17 different chiropractic and soft tissue techniques, our expertise includes:

Chiropractic Techniques           Acupuncture Techniques

Flexion/Distraction technique              NeuroMuscular Acupuncture                

Activator-Mechanical                               Dry Needling                                             

ArthroStim-Mechanical                           Cupping

Diversified-Manual Hands On               Auriculotherapy                                       

Drop Table 

Physical Therapy                        Physio-Therapies

Rehabilitation                                            Interferential TENS Therapy 

Prehabilitation                                          Ultrasound

Class 4 Laser                                              Ice Compression/Heat

Rapid Reboot  Recovery 

Massage Techniques               Sports Medicine         

Traditional Massage                              Bracing

Active Release Technique (ART)        Rock Tape/Sports Taping


Release Rapid Release