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Disc Injuries


Disc Injuries


Disc Injury Treatment in Denver

Chiropractic care for disc injury treatment in Denver can be very effective for controlling the pain after a disc injury. The disc injury can be very complex and often is co-treated with pain management and physical therapy. Not only do we have the injury to the disc itself, but we also have a lot of compensatory effects like pain in the leg or muscle spasms. The other complex part of a disc injury is the time it takes for a disc to heal. A grade 4 tear can take up to 18 months to heal!

To determine whether or not you have a herniated disk, a chiropractor will evaluate your entire spine. Even if it is only your lower back that is hurting, the chiropractor will also examine your neck, for instance. It is necessary to determine how well the entire spine is functioning since what happens in one part of the spine can impact other parts of the spine as well as the entire body.

After assessing the spine, the chiropractor can determine whether or not you have an intervertebral disc injury. The type of injury you have will determine what disc injury treatment in Denver will be recommended. Since most intervertebral disc injuries are related to a herniated disc, your Denver chiropractor will suggest different treatment possibilities to tackle your pain and any other symptoms you might be having.

Treatment of a herniated disc might include spinal manipulation and along with additional chiropractic techniques to help ease the symptoms of a herniated disc. This will include an individualized plan for treatment, and it might also include manual therapy along with therapeutic exercises. The details of what is in your specific course of treatment will ultimately include your particular pain, your activity level, your health overall—and of course, what your chiropractor believes is best.

It’s a common misconception that Denver chiropractic treatment will “pop a disc back in place” using some kind of force in their adjustments. Another fallacy is that chiropractic care involves a mere handful of quick treatments, which can actually fix the disc issue. Instead, chiropractors treat herniated discs using gentle techniques that have low force.

To find out if your injury can be helped through disc injury treatment in Denver, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 303.647.9196 to set up a complimentary consultation.


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