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Chiropractic Care


Denver Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care has been shown to be effective for hundreds of conditions. Chiropractic is now recommended first before any other non-drug treatment for acute low back pain!

So what is chiropractic? Chiropractic care in Denver focuses on joint function in the human body primarily on the spine. With 24 movable bones, 76 movable joints, 23 discs, and ligaments and 23 muscle groups, the spine is a highly complex structure that stops functioning correctly and starts causing problems and symptom’s overtime or all at once. All of the structures can get injured and cause pain!

Sometimes these structures (muscles, joints, discs, ligaments) become irritated, stop moving effectively, and can cause a variety of different symptoms (from a variety of pain syndromes to neurological symptoms) varying in intensity and duration.

What causes your spine to stop functioning correctly and makes your back hurt?

There are a couple of things that can cause this. Dysfunctioning muscles, ligaments and joints can get inflamed and painful from with microtrauma (from everyday wear and tear) to major trauma (like from an automobile crash). One of our jobs is to figure out how you became symptomatic and get you back on track to your pain-free lifestyle.

The best way to determine if Chiropractic care in Denver is going to be effective for you is to schedule a consultation, and have a conversation with a qualified chiropractor.

Chiropractic Care Treatment Options

There are a few ways to use a chiropractor effectively. First, it’s always good to have a chiropractor on your healthcare team. A Denver chiropractor will monitor your spinal health and adjust you when you need it.

Treatment options will include passive therapies (such as acupuncture, soft tissue work, electric stimulation) and active therapies (spinal rehabilitation, PNF stretching). We also make recommendations for support such as orthotic inserts to low back braces for help during the acute phase of chiropractic care. Getting you out of your crisis situation that brings many people to our office is our #1 goal.

A maintenance schedule is recommended for people that want to keep their back problems away and keep their spines healthy. This is beneficial because it will allow the joints that we worked so hard to get moving, to keep moving and prevent you from constantly re-aggravating your problem.   Maintenance is the best way to prevent degeneration from progressing in the spine.

4 Questions We Answer On Your First Visit

Our job is to help you understand what is going on with your body and get you back on your feet, as quickly as possible.

  1. What is wrong, and is causing you to hurt?
  2. What is it going to take to get you better?
  3. How long is it going to take?
  4. How much will it cost?

We are the experts you want when you are hurting! Give Dr. Brandon Baldwin of Chiropractic Solutions of Denver a call at (303) 647-9196


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