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    Denver Sports Medicine & Performance

    Helping You Recover and Getting You Back in the Game is Our First Priority.  We use a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosing and treating your injuries.

    • Active Release Technique
    • Sports/Deep Tissue Massage
    • Graston Technique for Scar Tissue
    • Acupuncture for Sports Injuries
    • Orthopedic Rehabilitation Protocols
    • Therapies (Ultrasound, Interferencial, Moist Heat/Ice)
    • Kineseotaping

    Current Chiropractic & Massage Therapy for Johnson & Whales Univeristy Athletic Department



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    Denver Massage Therapy

    Most of us Love Good Massages, We Love Great Ones!

    Providing medically supervised massage is important for staying out of pain and improving your quality of life. Our Denver Massage Therapist are trained to not only get to the root of the problem, but offer real solutions to get you to feel better.

    Techniques Offered:

    • Trigger Point
    • Deep Tissue
    • Cranial
    • Structural
    • Relaxation/Destress

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    Denver Massage Therapy
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    Meet The Doctor

    Dr. Brandon P. Baldwin, DC

    Doctor of Chiropractic
    Palmer College Of Chiropractic Florida Campus

    Whiplash and Brain Trauma Graduate
    Spine Research Institute of San Diego, San Diego, CA

    Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, Min. in Chem.
    Georgia Southern University

    Certified In Acupuncture
    Parker University, University of Beijing

    Meet The Doctor
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    Denver Acupuncture Treatment

    Helping your body heal naturally!

    Acupuncture is effective for a wide range of pain conditions, such as postoperative dental pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, headache, low-back pain, menstrual cramps, myofascial pain, osteoarthritis, and tennis elbow.

    • Certified in Acupuncture, Parker College
    • University of Beijing Teaching Hospital
    • extra

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    Denver Acupuncture Treatment
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    Denver Auto Accident Treatment

    Denver Auto Accident treatment can be confusing and dealing with insurance can be complicated. Allow our experts to help you recover from your injuries, and get you back to Living a pain free life.

    • Certified in Whiplash and Brain Trauma from the Spine Reasearch Institute of San Diego
    • Trial Experience
    • Independent Medical Examiner for Most Major Automobile Insurances

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    Denver Auto Accident Treatment
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    In-Network Insurance Accepted for

    • Cigna
    • Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield
    • United Healthcare
    • Aetna
    • Rocky Mountain Health Plans and each of their subsidiaries
    • Medical Payments (Med Pay) for Auto Claims
    • Most Work Comp. Insurance

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    Insurance Plans Accepted

Denver Chiropractor

Welcome to Our Office!

Your Denver Chiropractor

Welcome to Chiropractic Solutions of Denver owned by Brandon Baldwin.  We work hard to get you back on your feet and improve your ability to accomplish your lifestyle. We strive to exceed your expectations by combining chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, and massage to help you recover from the bumps and bruises of everyday life including traumatic events such as car accidents, sports injuries, and running around chasing your children. If you are ready for help, contact us to make an appointment today! Your Denver Chiropractor, Dr. Brandon Baldwin, and our friendly team are dedicated to chiropractic answers to target your particular needs. Dr. Baldwin specializes in providing pain management. He knows that pain can take over a person’s life, dictating how they live and impacting how they live and interact with others.

Certified in 13 different chiropractic and soft tissue techniques, his experience emphasizes correction of spine and spinal injuries, sports injuries, sport performance, as well as rehabilitation. In addition, he has provided treatments for back pain, neck pain, wrist pain, auto injuries, and more. Our chiropractor in Denver has worked with several gold- and silver- medal Olympic athletes and has served as team chiropractor for professional sports teams.

Chiropractic Solutions and Dr. Baldwin are committed to providing safe and successful treatment choices for those who have been injured or who are suffering from pain, and want to improve their quality of life. Also part of the practice are acupuncture, including dry needling techniques using Meridian therapy as well as protocols for specific conditions, and massage therapy. Active release technique (ART) is another part of Dr. Baldwin’s protocol. This soft tissue-technique allows the muscles to relax from a neurological standpoint while it takes the joints—such as the shoulder or hip—through different ranges of motion. This procedure assists in relaxing and lengthening shortened muscles The first step to living a healthier, more active, pain free lifestyle is the choices you make to rid yourself of the pain.

Choosing a noninvasive form of tissue repair and restoration, while trying to avoid the dangers and side effects of injections, procedures, pills, or surgery with uncertain recovery is an excellent start. Mile High Pain Relief starts with you! If you are ready for help, contact us online or call 303-647-9196 to make an appointment with our chiropractor in Denver today!