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The best way to  recover from injury is to use a variety of techniques such as chiropractic, physical therapy, integrated massage and acupuncture. Denver Physical Therapy is an important aspect to Chiropractic Solutions of Denver. Especially our Spine and Joint center to help you with back, neck, or spine pain, stiffness, or movement limitations. Our therapists incorporate stretching, strengthening, soft tissue manipulation with the latest techniques and protocols used in the industry.  

Overall, our first goal is to control the pain at the site of the injury or aggravation with therapies, soft tissue techniques, and spinal or joint manipulation. Then, we go after the surrounding tissue that is weakened, and strengthen it! Lastly, we evaluate how the entire area is functioning together, and may recommend rehabilitation exercises to prevent the injury from returning. Presently, we offer Graston Technique, dry needling, trigger point therapy, ice/heat, interferential therapy, Russian stim, active release technique, hands on stretching, current rehabilitation protocols, and current prehabilitation protocols. We are also currently seeing and treating post-operative patients as well as traditional rehab.

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