Chiropractor DenverProfessional chiropractic care has the ability to significantly reduce back pain symptoms.  The most important step in reducing the back pain symptoms is identifying the source of the pain.  Common causes for back pain can be stemming from discs (discogenic pain), facet (joint) pain, muscle, and ligaments.   Regardless of the causes, chiropractic care has been shown to be extremely effective for back pain.

Back pain treatments can vary from person to person depending on the severity, and amount of time the back has been hurting.  Common treatments for back pain, include chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, massage therapy (& other soft tissue techniques), and stretching and strengthening (physical therapy).  We consider all of these with every patient and determine what is going to be the most effective form of treatment.

We realize everybody’s bodies are different and you don’t respond to treatment the same way your neighbor does.  Chiropractic treatment can include physical modalities, and a variety of chiropractic techniques.  Acupuncture treatment can focus on Ashi points (pain points), meridian therapy, or an acupuncture prescription for your specific condition.

Massage therapy can include myofascial treatment, Graston technique, Cranial-Sacral technique, structural work, and more.  Physical therapy includes current rehabilitation protocols for joints, dysfunctional muscle pattern firing, and stretching and strengthening protocols for shortened or weakened muscles.

Dr. Baldwin is an ideal doctor for someone seeking treatment in Denver, CO for back pain.  He has a vast knowledge and experience in correcting back pain with long term results.  The use of a variety of techniques he uses allows him to help people with different neck pain symptoms.

If you have any questions on how chiropractic treatment, acupuncture treatment, or massage therapy can help you, please contact us or call us at 303-647-9196 for a complimentary consultation.