chiropractic denver coOur Denver Chiropractic Office treats conditions related to the body’s structure. Our goal is to relieve pain and improve function!

We will not prescribe drugs or do surgery. Instead, we naturally manipulate the spine and other body parts to get them in proper alignment. People love chiropractic because it works!

Chiropractic care is based on the idea that when your body is in proper alignment, you have a better chance of healing. Call us today to get started! (303) 647-9196

Lower Back Pain

First, lower back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek treatment from a chiropractor.

Research on spinal manipulation often focuses on low back pain because it is so effective. People suffering with lower back pain benefit from going to a chiropractor!

Some research even suggested people with lower back pain got better relief from going to a chiropractor than from going to their family doctor.


Next, research also shows that chiropractic adjustments decrease migraine frequency, pain, and reduce the need for medication.

This suggests that chiropractic care reduces overall stress, which in turn reduces the effect of migraines.

Your chiropractor can give you advice on nutrition and changes in your diet to help treat migraines and other types of headaches, as well! Call now! (303) 647-9196


Whiplash is a type of neck sprain that often results from a car accident or hard jerk. Whiplash causes intense pain and stiffness in your neck. These injuries become worse over time if not treated!

Chiropractic adjustments help relieve your pain! A chiropractor may show you additional exercises and stretching to maximize your treatment.

Visit our Denver Chiropractic Office as soon as possible if you have been in an auto accident!

Neck Pain

Chiropractors also treat neck pain with adjustments. In some cases, these adjustments work better than pain medications! There are also stretches we can show you that you can do at home to help.

See a chiropractor if you have dealt with neck pain for a long time; This type of neck pain may respond best to chiropractic care.

Knee Pain

Finally, wear and tear on knee joints causes painful knee osteoarthritis. This is a very common condition. Chiropractic care can help!

This type of treatment may work better than knee exercises alone. People treated with chiropractic care have less pain and better movement after a few weeks of treatment.

We Are Here To Help

Choosing a non-invasive form of soft tissue healing, while avoiding the dangers of surgical procedures and prescription medicine is an excellent start towards a life with less pain!

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