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Denver Back Pain and Dehydration

Lower Back Pain DenverDo you have Lower Back Pain Denver? As Back Pain Specialists we know it’s recommended to drink at least 4 to 8 glasses of water every day but did you know that this is only the minimum intake for adult men and women?

Could there be a connection between Back Pain and Dehydration?

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Easy Ways To Improve Your Personal Wellness

Chiropractic Clinic In DenverAs a top rated Denver CO Chiropractor we just want you to be healthy and happy! Because you are important to us, we want to teach you ways to improve your personal wellness and quality of life.

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4 Reasons To Visit A Chiropractor In Denver

Denver ChiropracticWhile a Chiropractor in Denver is typically known for healing back pain, chiropractors do much more than that! We address not only physical symptoms but also the underlying issues that are contributing to pain, discomfort and illness.

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Assistance With Back Pain Through Chiropractic Care

Chiropractor DenverProfessional chiropractic care has the ability to significantly reduce back pain symptoms.  The most important step in reducing the back pain symptoms is identifying the source of the pain.  Common causes for back pain can be stemming from discs (discogenic pain), facet (joint) pain, muscle, and ligaments.   Regardless of the causes, chiropractic care has been shown to be extremely effective for back pain.

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Dr. Brandon Baldwin is the new Chiropractor for Johnson & Whales Athletic Department

chiropractic care in DenverWe are pleased to announce that we have accepted the position for providing the student-athletes at Johnson & Whales University in Denver, Co, chiropractic care and massage therapy.  We will adjust & massage some of the student-athletes on game day allowing for better athletic performance, and reducing the chance for in-game injuries.  We will also perform on-site chiropractic and massage therapy one day a week.  Johnson and Whales athletics currently competes at the NCAA Division III, ECAC, GNAC and NAIA levels.

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