chiropractic treatment denverMany people with back and neck pain visit with a chiropractor for pain relief, but there’s more to your Denver Chiropractic visit than just an adjustment!  

Chiropractic care is a type of complementary healthcare. Chiropractors aren’t medical doctors but we do treat painful conditions that affect your muscles and bones!  

Let’s learn more about chiropractic care! Give us a call if you’re ready to improve your health and wellness! (303) 647-9196 

We Treat Muscles And Joints 

Most people who go to a chiropractor have back or neck pain but chiropractors treat a variety of muscle and joint problems! 

Chiropractors also treat referred pain, which is when one part of the body creates pain in another area.  

Research shows chiropractic care works best for people with back pain, neck pain, headaches, whiplash injuries and joint problems in the arms or legs! 

We Offer Other Treatments 

Some chiropractors use a device to stimulate your muscles with electricity. Other treatments include heat and ice, relaxation training and tips, deep tissue work and exercises to do at home. 

Denver Chiropractic might also give you advice on your overall health, current diet and nutrition, weight loss or other lifestyle changes you can make! 

You’ll Have A Physical Exam 

At your first visit, we’ll ask about your problem and do a physical exam.  If spinal manipulation may help, you’ll probably get treatment in the office at your first visit.  

You’ll most likely need to return for more treatments. Your condition will determine how many treatments you need! Call us to get started! (303) 647-9196 

We Have Extensive Training 

Doctor of Chiropractic have the initials “DC” after their name. They must go to college and study premedical subjects, just like medical doctors.  

Chiropractors must then attend an accredited chiropractic college, usually for 4 to 5 years and pass a national exam to get a license to practice in the state! 

Chiropractic Means “Hands-On Care” 

Chiropractic care is treatment that focuses on how your joints, muscles and bones affect your overall health.  

We don’t prescribe drugs or do surgery. We use controlled force, usually with hands, restoring movement to the joints!  

Most Insurances Cover Chiropractic Care 

Check with your insurance company and Denver Chiropractic office before going to your appointments to ensure you are prepared. 

If you don’t have insurance, ask your chiropractor how much they charge per visit and what additional costs you can anticipate for treatment! 

Chiropractic Is Great For Pain Relief 

Chiropractic treatment has been most effective for patients dealing with sub-acute back pain (present for 3 months or less), long-term chronic back pain symptoms and neck pain! 

Our professional treatment is also top choice for pain management from Auto Injuries. 

We Look Forward To Caring For You 

We know that pain can take over a person’s life! Choosing a non-invasive form of healing like Denver Chiropractic while avoiding the dangers of surgical procedures and prescription medicine is an excellent start towards a life with less pain!  

Contact us today and let our friendly team of dedicated practitioners get you back on your feet again! (303) 647-9196