Stapleton Chiropractor

Dr. Brandon P. Baldwin, is pleased to offer his services to Denver, Colorado and is a Stapleton Chirorpactor.    Dr. Baldwin is adding chiropractic services, acupuncture treatment, massage therapy, and rehabilitation to the Park Hill, Stapleton, North Aurora, Lowery, and City Park areas in Quebec Square near the old Stapleton airport.

Many people require chiropractic care to assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Many choose chiropractic treatment because it allows the body to heal naturally without the use of dangerous medications, surgery, or painful injections.

Stapleton Chirorpactor, Denver ChiropractorA person would seek chiropractic care for neck pain, back pain, auto accident treatments, sport injury and performance.   Chiropractic, acupuncture and massage help with the cause of the problem, and not just the symptoms. During your visit with our Stapleton Chiropractor, we look for the tissue that is causing the pain, and aim to correct it by improving its function at the same time we work on the inflamed area.  Chiropractic is also extremely effective for sports injury and performance.  There is a reason every professional athlete in the world has his own chiropractor.  They recover faster, and more often than not, improve their craft by improving function to their spine, and surrounding joints.

Chiropractic can also help scoliosis, sciatica, carpal tunnel symptoms, shoulder pain, knee pain, and ankle pain.   Chiropractic treatment on the shoulders, wrist, hips, knees, and ankles help improve symptoms often felt with the pain syndromes by finding the cause of the problem, not just covering it up with medications.    I had a patient recently who had shoulder pain, he was considering injections to help alleviate the pain.  After examination of the area, I found the shoulder had quit moving properly, and his shoulder muscles were compensating and creating pain.  After a few treatments, the shoulder pain went away and will not return.

Chiropractic treatment can vary based on how intense the back pain is and how frequently it occurs.  Generally there are 3 different types of treatment.

Our Chiropractor in Stapleton is an ideal doctor for someone seeking professional treatment in Denver.  Chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, and massage therapy are available at Chiropractic Solutions of Denver and are ideal for those of you who want to get out of pain and stay there.  Chiropractic and wellness care that Chiropractic Solutions of Denver offers to patients in Stapleton and surrounding areas  is effective, and affordable.

There are many different ways to approach your physical ailments.  We offer a wide variety of services because everybody responds differently to treatment.   If you have any questions on treatments from our Chiropractor in Stapleton, contact us today at 303.647.9196 and setup an appointment or consultation.